Monday, June 16, 2014

Movie Monday: Brave

Hello everyone!

today is movie Monday (when I review movies,) so I will now review the movie...

Brave, by Disney
Released: 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Family Safe?: yes
Stars: 4
is it a movie based off of a book?: no

overall description: it is a fun movie, with an interesting story

story line: the young princess Merida does not like being bossed around by her mother, and refuses to marry one of the three princes eldest sons, who are chosen in a competition. upset, she flees and receives (after convincing her) a spell from a witch, but it doesn't quite do what she wants...

to see the rest, watch Brave!

 Merida, when she rebels against her mother.

please look forward to my next post, and please comment if you have any suggestions for future posts, or if, well, you have a comment!

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