Thursday, May 29, 2014

Watermelon bunting and Sketchup!

Hello, everyone!

today I actually wanted to tell you about two things! I dont do that very often, but maybe I will be doing it  more often!

first, Watermelon bunting!

the link is here. I did not design this. looks like a really great blog. here is what I made using the printables:
the two extra pieces you see are taped to the wall, and I cut off that thing you fold.
as for Sketchup, it is and AMAZING, EXTREMELY EASY, modeling software! download the free version off the website, here. I downloaded the free version and I think it is ridiculous to have to pay $590 just for the full version!!! so I did not download the full version.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movie (should be Monday): Monsters University

Hello everyone!

today I am going to review a movie. but I want to tell you that NORMALLY I only review movies on Monday (Movie Monday, get it?), but I forgot to do that yesterday and instead posted about chocolate wrapper flags. but since I forgot, today I will be reviewing...

Monsters University, by Disney
Released: 2013
Genre:Fantasy, Comedy
Family Safe?: yes
Stars: 4
is it a movie based off of a book?: no, but it is a prequel to the movie, Monsters Inc.

overall description: It is a good movie, with vibrant graphics and interesting new characters
story line: a young monster named Mike Wasowski wants desperately to be a "scarer," a monster who scares children of the human world to collect scream energy, and he knows monsters university is the best place to become a scarer...

to see the rest, watch Monsters University!

oh, and by the way, you just HAVE to check out this website. it is really just and advertisement for MU, but they make it look like a real university website. the actual site is here, though. as on the site, I dont think you need the collectors edition, the blu-ray combo pack still has some great bonus features.

A popular picture featuring characters from MU; I don't think quite this scene appears in the movie, though.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Chocolate wrapper flags!

Hello, everyone!

today I am going to tell you how to make...

Chocolate wrapper flags!

What you need:
  • as many chocolates as you want flags ( probably not Hershey's kisses, those tear real easily)
  • as many toothpicks as you want flags
  • scissors (they do not have to be small)

 Step 1: unwrap the chocolate(s) carefully, then eat them.

 step 2: face colored side up, then fold in half as shown

 Optional: trim edges so it looks nicer

 step 3: place toothpick on wrapper half an inch or so, as shown

 step 4: fold over as shown, then twist it around

 step 5: fold over a little nub so the flag does not fall down the toothpick. optional: trim again to even it

 all done!
This means war!
But we surrender! wait, get the white flag, not purple!

Please look forward to my next post, and if you have anything you would like to suggest or say, please comment!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mini Doughnut muffins!

Hello, everyone!

today I would like to share a recipe I made a few weeks ago... Mini Doughnut muffins!

Please understand that I did not make up this recipe, I got it from here. I did compromise some, though. instead of using Mini muffin pans, I used normal sized pans and cups, and cut them in half before rolling in butter, then cinnamon and sugar (see recipe.) also I think that the recipe should call for more margarine/butter, because I used as much as it said, but was not able to coat all of the mini muffins like it said, or I may have just been dunking too long. it also says to use a lot of cinnamon and sugar, to roll on the doughnuts, but I had some left over.

Yes, I know it looks like fried chicken, but it is not.

Please look forward to my next post, and please comment if you have anything you would like to suggest, say, or share. (remember: S.S.S.) ha ha!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FUN Siri tricks


today I will list some really funny things you can do with Siri, a computer persona available on an iPhone 4s or later, and some other Apple devices.

ask her a Star wars question:

 Say: supercalifragilisticexpialadocious. she will either say; "Is that you, Mary?(below), "the sound of that is quite atrocious." or "just a spoonful of sugar will help that go down."

say: why are fire trucks red, and you will get the oddest definition.

or ask Siri her favorite color

Alright, listen carefully; if you say Siri, my name is (and then whatever you want), she will verify if you would like to be called that, and if you say yes, she will refer to you as that. thing is, if you read Siri a document, well, something odd might happen...

Yes, this was not with my phone because I do not have one.

please look forward to my next post!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FUN party's: Mario party part two!

Hello, everyone!
Today I will finally wrap up "how to host a Mario party!"

Today, I will cover...

Games, piñata, and food!

First, the games:
Here are some links to other blogs with Mario party and game ideas!

1., this site has some great ideas, many of which I used. note: a game I made up is where somebody throws Boo Balloons down the stairs, and everyone tries to dodge them!
2. this site has AMAZING ideas, I actually have not seen it until today. love the lucky bamboo pipes!
3. some good game ideas. note: even though it looks good, I would not buy the props from etsy, I would just print them.
4. be creative! there is tons of Ideas out there, and if you really think, you may come up with your own, original party idea!

And here is how to make a great, Chain-Chomp piñata, like I promised...

What you'll need:

Round store-bought Piñata, I used a basketball one
Black spray paint
Black, white and red card stock or construction paper
glue or tape, any good adhesive is fine

What you do:

Entirely spray the piñata with the black spray paint, but don't get it too soggy. While it dries, cut out a mouth (If you don't know what a chain chomp looks like, link.) with the red paper, teeth with white, and eyes with white, pupils with black. no, don't cut a hole for the mouth, use red instead. tape these on, and poof! you have a chain chomp pinata! if you really want to get into it, maybe you could buy or ask for some chain link, like in the game. but I'm sure you don't want any kids getting hurt, so be careful!

the food: the easiest thing to do would be make pasta or order pizza, because Mario an Luigi are supposed to be Italian. some sites, like this one though, have tons of fancy Ideas that are Mario themed. just beware, it could take a lot of your time!

I hope that with the help of my blog, you will sometime host an amazing  Super Mario birthday party!

finally, I can start making shorter posts!

please look forward to the next one, and by the way: if you have ANY suggestions for Movie Monday, How to host a themed party, or just an everyday post, please comment.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Movie Monday: Tangled

Hello, everyone!
sorry I have not been posting lately- I just really didn't feel like it.
but it will probably be easier after I finish " how to host a Mario party" as you will see below. I will try do part 2 very soon.

but since it is Movie Monday, like on every Monday, I will be reviewing...

Tangled, by Disney
Released: 2010
Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Comedy
Family Safe?: yes, I is definitely sad sometimes, near the end. it has a good end though.
Stars: 4, not as good as Frozen
is it a movie based off of a book?: yes, Rapunzel by the Grimm Brothers
overall description: I like it, definitely, but as seen above, it is definitely sad sometimes. but besides that, it is good, just not as good as Frozen.

story line: a baby princess is born to a king and queen, with long, golden hair. but Madame Gotham wants the baby so much, because her hair is a result of the queen eating a magic flower that can make the old live forever, and kidnaps Rapunzel... she is locked up in a tower longing to see the outside world, and the "stars" which are really lanterns for her...

to hear the rest of the story, watch Tangled!

Pascal, one of the funniest characters. trust me, the only reason he looks like a flower is because he is camouflaging!

please look forward to my next post, which will hopefully finally, happily, excitingly wrap up "how to host a Mario party!"

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FUN party's: a Mario party!

hello, everyone!
finally, you will see how to host a...
A super Mario party!

note: this kind of party, I HAVE hosted before! several times actually...

this will be a two- part series: part one today, part two as soon as possible.

Today: Part one: decor, costumes, and more!

OK, I know kids don't really mind if there isn't decorations at a birthday party, they are going to have fun anyway, but I think it really shows the theme of the party. besides, if you buy stickers to decorate, purchase extra for the goodie bags! so, here is how to set up a fun Mario theme:
  • buy some some nice Mario stickers.
  • print some bricks. copy and past this image, then shrink it with word or a different program, whatever works. copy many, many times.
  • reserve a space on your wall that everyone will see, a nice, large wall space.
  • cut out the bricks, sometimes individual, sometimes rows.
  • stick,stick,stick,stick! (did I mention stick?) be creative, if you have played the game before, that does make it easier (but dont buy the game just so you know what the levels look like!) try to be organized, not too crazy, though.
now for the costumes:
preferably, only the birthday boy or girl should wear a costume. here is what you will need for Mario or luigi:
  • overalls
  • red or green t-shirt
  • red or green baseball cap (if you are willing to spend extra, you can buy a Mario or Luigi flop hat.
  • iron- on transfer paper (only if you are using a baseball cap, not flop hat,)
obviously, have the boy wear the shirt and overalls, and the hat. if you purchased a flop hat, you do not need to read the following, but if you did a baseball cap and transfer paper, here is what you do:
Luigi hat logo
Mario hat logo

  • print one of these images on the transfer paper
  • carefully cut out the letter ( "M" or "L") and iron on the silhouette on the front of the hat, like in the game ( if you don't know what it looks like, at the beginning of this post there is a pic of Mario, and it is the same, only a different letter, for Luigi)
for Princess Peach:
  • to keep it simple, just have the birthday girl wear a nice pink dress, and print out the image of the blue brooch below, cut it out and tape on the dress as it is on peach from the game, (see below)
  • you can probably buy a small plastic crown somewhere, or just make a paper one.
use this as a guideline

a imitation of peach's brooch I made with paint (program)

goodie bags:

for the bags:
  • buy some nice, light green but not too lime, paper bags
  • print, cut out , and tape to the middle of the bags this.

for the goodies:

I will show how to make a lovely chain chomp pinata in the next party post, as soon as possible. look forward to it!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Movie Monday:Frozen

Hello, everyone!
today is Movie Monday, (when I review movies,) so today I am going to review...

Frozen, by Disney
Released: 2013
Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Comedy
Family Safe?: yes
Stars: 5
is it a movie based off of a book?: yes, the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
overall description: I fully enjoy it.
story line: Elsa, the daughter of the king of Arendelle, is born with magical powers, that allow her to create almost anything having to do with ice or snow. but her powers are dangerous, too, so after an accidental incident, Elsa is always in her room, away from her sister Anna, trying to control her powers...

 the story gets better but I do not want to spoil it. something I want to share:

  • this movies budget was: $150 million (whoa)
  • in the box office they earned: $ 1,190,740,000 ( double whoa)
Elsa, later in the movie

I hope you enjoyed this post, pleas look forward to the next one, which will be as soon as possible. I may be too busy this week to post every day as usual. remember, the next post is about how to host a certain kind of party! (see my previous post.)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

upcoming: party's!

Hello, everyone!
today I would like to announce that every month, I will tell you how to host a specific theme for a party! some details are:

  • I will do this once or twice a month.
  • mostly birthday party's.
  • the party's I am posting about I have not always done! its not like I host a birthday party everyday!
  • fun ideas, links to other blogs, game ideas, and printable's.
get ready, I am going to post about this as soon as possible, Tuesday if I can! (Monday is Movie Monday, and I may be too busy on Tuesday, but I will try!)

hint: the first party I will tell you how to host starts with an M, ends with an O!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dessert tacos!

Hello, everyone!
today I would like to tell you how to make a dessert taco using just a Klondike bar and taco shell!


  • 1 taco shell
  • 1 Klondike bar
  • knife (it doesn't need to be sharp, I used a butter knife)
  • plate

heres what you do:

  1. heat the taco shell according to the directions on the box
  2. get out a klondike bar, and start cutting off the chocolate shell, putting the pieces in a pile:

3. put the ice cream from the bar into the taco. (it may be bulging, but I was able to succeed!)

break up the chocolate shell and place on the top of the ice cream!

I thought this was good, except it would have tasted better with a chocolate shell. taco bell actually sells Dessert tacos that you can buy at stores. yum!

please look forward to my next post!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

FUN desktop backgrounds!

Hello, everyone!
today I am going to tell you how to download and make windows 7 backgrounds!
yes, please don't try to do this with a mac, but macs can change their background/theme here.

how to download one:

  • go to here.
  • choose a theme and download. it should take you to the control panel, and there you can see your new theme! you can change between themes by clicking on a them in the control panel.

how to make a theme:

  • find a picture, right-click it and select "set as desktop background"

      • right-click anywhere on your desktop, click "Personalize"
      there, you will see your unsaved theme. save it, and then you can:

      • 1. add or remove pics, more than one image will make a slideshow
      • 2. change the window color to match your picture(s)
      • 3. change the sounds played when you do certain things while on this theme
      • 4. add a "screensaver" (computers nowadays don't need screen savers, but sometimes seeing bubbles bounce around your screen or seeing your name spin can be fun.)
      remember to save it again once you have added any features like these!

      please look forward to my next post!

      Wednesday, May 7, 2014

      Lemonhead Lemonade!

      hello, everyone!
      today's post is about another fun thing to do... make lemonade!
      but I am going to tell you how to make it a simpler way... just with a lemonhead candy!

      heres what you will need:

      • a little over a cup of water
      • 1 or 2 lemonhead candies
      • cup
      • fork

      what you do: fill the cup with a little more than a cup of water, and the put you lemonhead(s) candies in. if you don't want to wait as long, you can stir it or try to poke holes in the candy, but sometimes it can just be fun to go about your business and check back a little later. I mean, it doesn't take very long, probably less than like, 30 minutes. it is fun because you start to see it get smaller and smaller, and turn white. you should stir it with your fork as you start to see particles floating around. when the ball of candy is completely gone, stir, and then you can drink it. you should definitely experiment with this recipe, I made it up and only did it once. you could also see what other hard candies work well!

      the Lemonhead Logo

      Tuesday, May 6, 2014

      FUN pets to have

      Hello, everyone!
      first of all I would like to thank everyone who has been commenting! I really do like hearing back, and getting suggestions for what I will do on Movie Monday! now, because of a comment, I know what movie I will review after Frozen! but for today, I am going to tell you about...
      Fun Pets to have!
      please reasearch before being sure what to by for your pet, if you look around you will probably be able to find a better price than the links below
      the easiest to hardest pets are listed below, easiest at the top,hardest at the bottom:

      Furry pets:

      The following is definitely hard to care for (still fish, in a saltwater aquarium)
      • seahorse
      • eel
      • pufferfish
      • jellyfish

      please look forward to my next post, and everyone, please comment/ keep on commenting!

      Monday, May 5, 2014

      Movie Monday: the secret world of Arrietty

      Hello, everyone!
      today I would like to announce that every Monday I will review a movie for you! Movie Monday! I will mostly review recent movies, not usually going back very far, only a few exceptions. I will review TV shows, too. lets start by me reviewing:

      The Secret World of Arrietty, by studio Ghibli.
      Released: 2010
      Genre: Fantasy
      Family Safe?: yes, maybe too sad for younger kids, and it is annoying they have to (they don't) do the worst problems for characters, and one of the Characters is fatalistic at first.
      Stars: 4
      is it a movie based off of a book?: yes, the Borrowers series by Mary Norton

      overall description: I like it, But I wish it didn't have to be so sad at times.

      story line: Pod, Homily, and Arrietty are all Borrowers, tiny people who live under floors of "human bean's" kitchens. they all "borrow" things they need without trying to be seen. one day, a boy comes to the house where this family of Borrowers live, because he is very sick...

      The cat is probably my favorite character in this movie
      I hope you enjoyed my first Movie Monday post, please look forward to tomorrows post, and the next Movie Monday post (next Monday,) which will be about Frozen.
      oh, and if you have any suggestions for what movies you would like me to review, please comment. I will definitely consider any good movies you suggest!

      Sunday, May 4, 2014


      Whoa! it has been YEARS since I have made posts on this blog. hopefully I will remember to keep up with it this time.
       anyways, today I am going to tell you about a fun thing to do (what you came for here, right?),which is GARDENING!

      gardening may be easier than you think, you know, since it is not to hard in containers and front beds, or if you are really into it, in a garden? if you have not gardened before, I will show you how below. and furthermore, as you will see, simple gardening is pretty cheap too!

      for your first project you will need:

      some potting soil (it is not recommended to use soil out of your yard, not much nutrients.)
      a pack of flower or herb seeds
      a ceramic, clay or plastic pot

      step 1: fill the pot with dirt, but leave about an inch so it does not overflow when you water it.

      step 2: plant a few seeds (3-5) as deep a the pack says, or two times as deep as the width of the seed.

      step 3: water it with about half a cup of water, do this whenever it gets dry or about once or twice a week.

      step 4: place in a sunny windowsill or location.

      in a little bit, depending on what kind of seeds you use, they should sprout, and bloom in a little while longer like months, if you chose flowers. I mean, most people don't WANT herbs to bolt! ha ha! (bolting is when herbs flower to reproduce seeds, but often times the herb leaves will taste bitter.)

      funny story: our cat sometimes knocks over pots, and sleeps often in a seed starting tray. ha ha!

      please look forward to my next blog post, definitely sooner this time!