Monday, May 12, 2014

Movie Monday:Frozen

Hello, everyone!
today is Movie Monday, (when I review movies,) so today I am going to review...

Frozen, by Disney
Released: 2013
Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Comedy
Family Safe?: yes
Stars: 5
is it a movie based off of a book?: yes, the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
overall description: I fully enjoy it.
story line: Elsa, the daughter of the king of Arendelle, is born with magical powers, that allow her to create almost anything having to do with ice or snow. but her powers are dangerous, too, so after an accidental incident, Elsa is always in her room, away from her sister Anna, trying to control her powers...

 the story gets better but I do not want to spoil it. something I want to share:

  • this movies budget was: $150 million (whoa)
  • in the box office they earned: $ 1,190,740,000 ( double whoa)
Elsa, later in the movie

I hope you enjoyed this post, pleas look forward to the next one, which will be as soon as possible. I may be too busy this week to post every day as usual. remember, the next post is about how to host a certain kind of party! (see my previous post.)

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