Wednesday, May 21, 2014

FUN Siri tricks


today I will list some really funny things you can do with Siri, a computer persona available on an iPhone 4s or later, and some other Apple devices.

ask her a Star wars question:

 Say: supercalifragilisticexpialadocious. she will either say; "Is that you, Mary?(below), "the sound of that is quite atrocious." or "just a spoonful of sugar will help that go down."

say: why are fire trucks red, and you will get the oddest definition.

or ask Siri her favorite color

Alright, listen carefully; if you say Siri, my name is (and then whatever you want), she will verify if you would like to be called that, and if you say yes, she will refer to you as that. thing is, if you read Siri a document, well, something odd might happen...

Yes, this was not with my phone because I do not have one.

please look forward to my next post!

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