Thursday, May 8, 2014

FUN desktop backgrounds!

Hello, everyone!
today I am going to tell you how to download and make windows 7 backgrounds!
yes, please don't try to do this with a mac, but macs can change their background/theme here.

how to download one:

  • go to here.
  • choose a theme and download. it should take you to the control panel, and there you can see your new theme! you can change between themes by clicking on a them in the control panel.

how to make a theme:

  • find a picture, right-click it and select "set as desktop background"

      • right-click anywhere on your desktop, click "Personalize"
      there, you will see your unsaved theme. save it, and then you can:

      • 1. add or remove pics, more than one image will make a slideshow
      • 2. change the window color to match your picture(s)
      • 3. change the sounds played when you do certain things while on this theme
      • 4. add a "screensaver" (computers nowadays don't need screen savers, but sometimes seeing bubbles bounce around your screen or seeing your name spin can be fun.)
      remember to save it again once you have added any features like these!

      please look forward to my next post!

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