Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mini Doughnut muffins!

Hello, everyone!

today I would like to share a recipe I made a few weeks ago... Mini Doughnut muffins!

Please understand that I did not make up this recipe, I got it from here. I did compromise some, though. instead of using Mini muffin pans, I used normal sized pans and cups, and cut them in half before rolling in butter, then cinnamon and sugar (see recipe.) also I think that the recipe should call for more margarine/butter, because I used as much as it said, but was not able to coat all of the mini muffins like it said, or I may have just been dunking too long. it also says to use a lot of cinnamon and sugar, to roll on the doughnuts, but I had some left over.

Yes, I know it looks like fried chicken, but it is not.

Please look forward to my next post, and please comment if you have anything you would like to suggest, say, or share. (remember: S.S.S.) ha ha!

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