Friday, May 9, 2014

Dessert tacos!

Hello, everyone!
today I would like to tell you how to make a dessert taco using just a Klondike bar and taco shell!


  • 1 taco shell
  • 1 Klondike bar
  • knife (it doesn't need to be sharp, I used a butter knife)
  • plate

heres what you do:

  1. heat the taco shell according to the directions on the box
  2. get out a klondike bar, and start cutting off the chocolate shell, putting the pieces in a pile:

3. put the ice cream from the bar into the taco. (it may be bulging, but I was able to succeed!)

break up the chocolate shell and place on the top of the ice cream!

I thought this was good, except it would have tasted better with a chocolate shell. taco bell actually sells Dessert tacos that you can buy at stores. yum!

please look forward to my next post!

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