Monday, May 19, 2014

Movie Monday: Tangled

Hello, everyone!
sorry I have not been posting lately- I just really didn't feel like it.
but it will probably be easier after I finish " how to host a Mario party" as you will see below. I will try do part 2 very soon.

but since it is Movie Monday, like on every Monday, I will be reviewing...

Tangled, by Disney
Released: 2010
Genre: Musical, Fantasy, Comedy
Family Safe?: yes, I is definitely sad sometimes, near the end. it has a good end though.
Stars: 4, not as good as Frozen
is it a movie based off of a book?: yes, Rapunzel by the Grimm Brothers
overall description: I like it, definitely, but as seen above, it is definitely sad sometimes. but besides that, it is good, just not as good as Frozen.

story line: a baby princess is born to a king and queen, with long, golden hair. but Madame Gotham wants the baby so much, because her hair is a result of the queen eating a magic flower that can make the old live forever, and kidnaps Rapunzel... she is locked up in a tower longing to see the outside world, and the "stars" which are really lanterns for her...

to hear the rest of the story, watch Tangled!

Pascal, one of the funniest characters. trust me, the only reason he looks like a flower is because he is camouflaging!

please look forward to my next post, which will hopefully finally, happily, excitingly wrap up "how to host a Mario party!"

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