Tuesday, May 20, 2014

FUN party's: Mario party part two!

Hello, everyone!
Today I will finally wrap up "how to host a Mario party!"

Today, I will cover...

Games, piñata, and food!

First, the games:
Here are some links to other blogs with Mario party and game ideas!

1., this site has some great ideas, many of which I used. note: a game I made up is where somebody throws Boo Balloons down the stairs, and everyone tries to dodge them!
2. this site has AMAZING ideas, I actually have not seen it until today. love the lucky bamboo pipes!
3. some good game ideas. note: even though it looks good, I would not buy the props from etsy, I would just print them.
4. be creative! there is tons of Ideas out there, and if you really think, you may come up with your own, original party idea!

And here is how to make a great, Chain-Chomp piñata, like I promised...

What you'll need:

Round store-bought Piñata, I used a basketball one
Black spray paint
Black, white and red card stock or construction paper
glue or tape, any good adhesive is fine

What you do:

Entirely spray the piñata with the black spray paint, but don't get it too soggy. While it dries, cut out a mouth (If you don't know what a chain chomp looks like, link.) with the red paper, teeth with white, and eyes with white, pupils with black. no, don't cut a hole for the mouth, use red instead. tape these on, and poof! you have a chain chomp pinata! if you really want to get into it, maybe you could buy or ask for some chain link, like in the game. but I'm sure you don't want any kids getting hurt, so be careful!

the food: the easiest thing to do would be make pasta or order pizza, because Mario an Luigi are supposed to be Italian. some sites, like this one though, have tons of fancy Ideas that are Mario themed. just beware, it could take a lot of your time!

I hope that with the help of my blog, you will sometime host an amazing  Super Mario birthday party!

finally, I can start making shorter posts!

please look forward to the next one, and by the way: if you have ANY suggestions for Movie Monday, How to host a themed party, or just an everyday post, please comment.

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