Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movie (should be Monday): Monsters University

Hello everyone!

today I am going to review a movie. but I want to tell you that NORMALLY I only review movies on Monday (Movie Monday, get it?), but I forgot to do that yesterday and instead posted about chocolate wrapper flags. but since I forgot, today I will be reviewing...

Monsters University, by Disney
Released: 2013
Genre:Fantasy, Comedy
Family Safe?: yes
Stars: 4
is it a movie based off of a book?: no, but it is a prequel to the movie, Monsters Inc.

overall description: It is a good movie, with vibrant graphics and interesting new characters
story line: a young monster named Mike Wasowski wants desperately to be a "scarer," a monster who scares children of the human world to collect scream energy, and he knows monsters university is the best place to become a scarer...

to see the rest, watch Monsters University!

oh, and by the way, you just HAVE to check out this website. it is really just and advertisement for MU, but they make it look like a real university website. the actual site is here, though. as on the site, I dont think you need the collectors edition, the blu-ray combo pack still has some great bonus features.

A popular picture featuring characters from MU; I don't think quite this scene appears in the movie, though.

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